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SMS Niche Marketing articles for churches, fan clubs, medical, restaurant, real estate, school, spa, and more.

Virtual Concierge

SMS messages help those in the virtual concierge business reach customers efficiently, interact with them, and ultimately, serve them well. This article explains more about the ways in which virtual concierge services are employing SMS to their benefit. The History of the Concierge Business In order to understand the role

Trade Show Text Alerts

Text alerts are becoming a staple at many trade shows, and businesses that know how to use trade show text alerts benefit from the growing popularity of short message service (SMS) text message marketing. SMS text messages are rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of communication among people

Use Text Message Ads for Niche Marketing

Because they are easy to customize, it is possible to use text message ads for niche marketing. One of the latest trends in marketing is to use text messages. These are short messages that can sent to cell phones. They consist only of words. Text messages make great marketing tools

Spa & Salon Text Message Ads

One of the ways that spa and salon owners can entice more people to come to their businesses is to use text message ads. SMS marketing, which uses text messages to advertise to people, provides a way for you to help your business become more visible. You can reach hundreds

Restaurant SMS Advertising

Restaurant advertising has typically worked through radio, television, and print, billboards, coupons, menus in the window, and sandwich boards. Today, SMS advertising can be added to these ways of bringing in diners. Read on to learn more. Restaurant Advertising Traditional restaurant advertising has developed as media has developed. For example,

Media Text Messaging

Using media text messaging as part of your niche marketing.  One of the marketing tools that is growing in usefulness is text message, or SMS marketing. SMS marketing works for a variety of niches, providing businesses with a way to improve the way they reach customers, as well as providing

Open API – Text Alerts

Open application programming interface, or Open API, allows users to integrate text alerts with websites, databases, and other programs. SMS text message marketing is one of the many areas where Open API text alerts can help a business. Open API text alerts are a way for businesses to deliver targeted

Real Estate Text Message Alerts

Real estate agents can use SMS niche marketing to their advantage with the help of real estate text message alerts. Mobile marketing has proven to be very useful in the real estate market.  Keep reading for more on real estate text message alerts. If you are a real estate professional,

Emergency Text Alerts

Providing emergency text alerts is a good way to reach a niche market.  This article explains how emergency text alerts may be used, an the pros and cons of emergency text alerts. The cell phone is one of the most prolific and flexible forms of communication we have today. Almost

School SMS Texts

Rather than banning group SMS text messaging, some schools are putting the new technology to use. All over the world, school SMS texts are keeping schools, parents, and students in touch and involved with each other. This article explains how. SMS: What It Is SMS, the acronym for Short Message Service, is