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Mobile Coupons for SMS Marketing

Using mobile coupons for SMS marketing is a great way to get the word out about your business, organization or even to let possible customers know about promotions, discounts and more. Your customers will enjoy using mobile coupons for SMS marketing to get the best deals with your business. As

Text to Win Campaigns

Text to win campaigns for SMS marketing is a great way to get new subscribers to opt-in to your text marketing campaigns as well as to bring attention to new promotions you have going on for your business using the advantages of easy text marketing solutions. There are tons of

Long Code vs. Short Code

There are many pros and cons to using long codes vs. short codes when it comes to text communication and text message marketing. Deciding which to use can be confusing if you don’t know or understand the difference. Taking a look at long code vs. short code numbers in terms

Permission Marketing With SMS Messages

Permission marketing with SMS messages is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for businesses, restaurants, bars, clubs and so many more are using their advertising dollars to get the word out about upcoming promotions, discounts, events and more to promote their business. Permission marketing with SMS messages occurs

QR Codes and Mobile Marketing

QR codes and mobile marketing are quickly becoming two of the most popular ways that companies are using mobile technology to build their business through advertising. QR codes and mobile marketing can be an effective way for businesses to increase their sales through creative promotional techniques. QR codes and mobile

SMS Short Code Auditing

SMS short code auditing involves regulation from the CTIA – The Wireless Association. When it comes to SMS marketing and text marketing campaigns, SMS short code auditing requires those text marketing providers to adhere to the regulations set forth by the CTIA. SMS short code auditing entails regulation from the

Reverse 911 Text Message Programs

Reverse 911 Text Message programs are a helpful tool that can be used to help notify community members, students and others about emergency situations like car accidents, fires, lock downs, and other emergency situations. The reverse 911 text message programs are designed to provide alerts about emergencies as soon as

mCommerce and Mobile Payments

mCommerce and mobile payments can make the difference between a business being able to take a variety of payments and only being able to take cash. For traveling businesses, it is so helpful to include mCommerce and mobile payments in with your business to expand your money-earning potential. Using mCommerce,

Mobile Text Surveys

SMS marketing tools can be used in a variety of ways including with mobile text surveys. As mobile text communication becomes increasingly popular, it is a good tool to use for marketing purposes using SMS technology. Mobile text surveys are a fun way for companies to get important feedback on

Text Voting and Polling

When it comes to text voting and polling, investing in a text marketing package is a great way to be able to have individuals text their votes and take part in a poll for a variety of reasons. Text voting and polling is a helpful way to encourage more text