YepText Review

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Text message marketing is a growing trend and is becoming more and more successful, which is why we are featuring this YepText review. Keep reading to learn from about SMS marketing from YepText review and how you can find out about mobile message marketing.

Text message marketing is a new way businesses are learning to expand their advertising efforts for a smaller cost than traditional forms of marketing like newspaper ads, commercials and radio ads. These forms of advertising can become expensive and might even start going unnoticed with the majority of the American people because they are becoming desensitized to those forms of advertising. Using text message marketing is a great way to reach each customer individually on their cell phone via text message with information about your business or with promotion codes and discount information. YepText is just another one of the text message marketing companies joining the new marketing trend to help benefit businesses adapt to the ever-changing world of technology.

YepText plans and features:

Starting out with YepText, you can give the service a trial run for just $1 for a two-week period. This includes access to 25 messages and one Yepword to try out the text messaging service. Text message marketing works through a short code, which is like a shortened telephone number, that potential customers will use to opt-in or out of the text messaging service. By signing up or opting in to the service, the customer will send a return message to the short code provided. Other features you get when signing up for the service, which begins at just $9 per month, include:

  • Access to a short code instantly
  • Advanced analytics for mobile marketing
  • No limit on Sign Ups
  • No limit on incoming text messages
  • Organize contacts in groups (there is no limit to the number of groups)
  • Mobile Yepwords can be changed at any time
  • Mobile surveys/voting and polling
  • Integrate with mobile apps and/or websites
  • Daily backups and secure data
  • Ability to collect mobile numbers using an online widget
  • Ability to analyze your text messaging campaigns with charts and delivery reports
  • No contract required upon signup
  • No set up or activation¬†fees
  • Full service text message marketing

Doing business with YepText includes the ability to increase the number of messages you need quickly and easily if you find that your client base is expanding. YepText also offers an affiliate program that can be used to increase your profits using YepText affiliates. Through this program you can refer your customers to YepText as well, and you can get your own unique promotion code. These referrals will save money on their first purchase when they use your referral code. This also helps customers get the competitive rates in the industry. There are also online demos and training tutorials via video that are provided for affiliates as well. Be sure to check out the YepText website to learn more about this affiliate program and how  you can learn more about text message marketing.