TXT180 Review

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TXT180 is an application provider for group SMS and text message marketing.  TXT180 appeals to all types of businesses for their marketing needs with the web based platform to send mass text message information to clients.  This article will review TXT180, their costs and features.

TXT180, like most all companies in this industry, is fairly new being founded in 2010 with offices based in Saint George, Utah.  In our review of  TXT180 we found that they cover all major wireless carriers and boast customer success oriented goals, in our opinion  TXT180 seems destined for prosperity.

We also notice that the website for TXT180 is very well  put together with easy to find links and multiple ways of accessing text marketing tips and other useful information.  All decision making information is made available on the website, as well as statistics for text message marketing. Industry comparisons to other text message marketing providers show why TXT180 is the best choice.

Pricing is an obvious strong point for TXT180, as pricing is up front and available from the home page as well being displayed on nearly every page throughout their site.  Along with the “build-to-suit” enterprise package that is offered, TXT180 has a plan available for the smaller user or a larger company.  Additional messages are also available at the cost of 2 cents per message. Here is the breakdown of the available packages:

Basic Package

  • 500 message per month
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • 1 custom keyword included
  • $19.95 a month – 20% discount on prepaid annual

Plus Package

  • 1,000 messages per month
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • 1 custom keyword included
  • $34.95 a month – 20% discount on prepaid annual

TXT180 does not require a minimum subscription however they do offer a discount to anyone that signs up on an annual prepaid plan. Annual plans provide an automatic 20% discount off the regular price. With the discount price the Basic plan averages out to only $16 monthly and the Plus plan is only $28 per month. Most text message marketing campaigns starting from scratch need at least two to three months before they can truly be effective and start the see the potential for text message marketing in their industry. TXT180 doesn’t require any contract, customers can cancel anytime and get a pro-rated refund.

The support is as well put together as the website and service platform.  Video tutorials give a how-to walkthrough to assist in navigation of the control panel, albeit in watching the videos the control panel is very simple and easy to use. In addition to the tutorials, TXT180 has both phone and email support. The text message marketing FAQ offers a lot of immediate help to answer the most basic questions. Visit TXT180 for details on text mesaging uses, if you aren’t sure how text marketing can benefit you.

Altogether, TXT180 offers a remarkable service that is simple to use and well supported, all at the lowest cost available.  When looking into a marketing solution TXT180 is a company that demands the attention of anyone looking for cost-effective, simple marketing techniques.