Trumpia Review

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Trumpia is an SMS text messaging provider that runs off a web based platform.  This Trumpia Review article will review the features and costs involved with Trumpia.

(**see bottom of review) Finding out company information on Trumpia was fruitless both on their website and via the World Wide Web.  There is no information about Trumpia’s founders, operators, inception date or location.  Through the “contact us” page they do list two different addresses, one in Oregon and one in California, but state they are not office locations.

The website for Trumpia is full of pertinent information including a short video of how it works.  It is easily navigated and contains links and multiple avenues to access text message marketing information.  The Trumpia site lacks the information about the Trumpia company and any support information.

There are several key features that Trumpia has to set it aside from the mobilie marketing industry.  Along with these text message marketing features they also offer a fifteen day trial to test their text message platform. Those features are:

  • Mobile Text Marketing
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Instant Message Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Rollover Messages

There is a wide range of SMS text message marketing packages for Trumpia starting at 1,000 messages a month and going up to 30,000 messages a month.  There are also custom group text messaging plans for those that would need more messages or custom short codes.  A drawback to these packages is that there is a limit to the number of contacts each plan can keep.

** See below for new pricing options (8/2/11) Here are a few of the text message marketing packages that Trumpia offers:

  • Multi 1000
    • 1000 messages per month
    • 2 keywords
    • $50 a month
  • Multi 3400
    • 3400 messages per month
    • 5 keywords
    • $160 a month
  • Multi 10000
    • 10000 messages per month
    • 12 keywords
    • $450 a month

** See below for update (8/2/11)The Trumpia website has no option for any support and the only contact information is pertaining to sales or payment options.  The lack of this information is very troublesome as this is a key selling point in any web based industry.  The added SMS marketing options and features that are available make the lack of support information that much more problematic.

Our Trumpia Review indicates, when adding everything together, Trumpia should have an easy to use web based platform for your text messaging campaigns based off their sites ease of use.  Their text message marketing package plans are right at the industry average which weighs well in their favor because of the added features they have. The hinder with Trumpia is their lack of access to text message marketing support (see below).  The same features that make their average costs feasible are also more of a burden because of this.  The trial period should allow you to gage just where the problems may be, if any.

**Since this review (currently 8/2/11) Trumpia has made some changes to their company on their “About Us” page including a physical address.  They have also updated their support by including a support ticket system that is staffed 7 days a week.  You may now also save money on all of the Trumpia pricing plans by prepaying 3, 6, or 12 months in advance.