Tatango Review

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In this Tatango review we will take a look at the sms marketing services they have to offer. Tatango was founded in 2007 by Derek Johnson. In a note from the CEO, Derek says they have two things to offer customers, “…beautiful, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade SMS marketing software, and world-class support and expertise…” The Tatango website is different from most text marketing providers in that there is no pricing page and no features listed. This can make it hard to compare them to the competition because you don’t know exactly what is included or what you will be paying for the service. ¬†They do offer a contact form and phone number for sales so that potential clients can get more information but it’s not readily available on their website.

Without pricing and feature information it is hard for us to give you a thorough review, we will take a quick look at the different services Tatango offers and you can determine if it’s worth getting in touch with them to get more information about features and pricing. Tatango offers Enterprise Software. The description of the enterprise software doesn’t give any details of what it includes or who it works for, it simply says that it, “…combine[s] the software infrastructure needed to power some of the world’s largest SMS campaigns, with the usability and design that rivals any consumer facing software application.” We really can’t speculate on what this includes but can infer that the service is robust enough to support a large text marketing campaign and that they believe the design is at least comparable to that of other leading sms providers.

The next sms solution they have listed is their Professional Services. Under this category Tatango talks about their support team that is available to help businesses of all sizes create a sms campaign that will work for their industry and goals. Again, they don’t give a lot of specific information about what exactly is provided but they state that, “Our passion at Tatango is helping businesses like yourself succeed in SMS marketing, that’s why we’re here.” Without talking to Tatango or using their service personally we can’t say how much help is available or in what form the help comes but it may be worth talking to a representative to see how they can help your business be successful with text marketing.

The last area of focus on their Solutions page talks about their Short Code Provisioning service. Tatango has been a Common Short Code Administration top provider since 2012, their goal in helping customers provision a short code is to make the process a, “…much smoother, shorter, and less expensive process for [their] clients.” Tatango states that they can launch a fully-functional shortcode in a matter of days, instead of months. Again, you will have to contact a sales representative to get any real information about the process, pricing, available short codes, and other information needed to determine if this is the best text marketing option for your business or organization.

From our Tatango review we left the site feeling like we knew very little about the company and what they offer. It is likely their goal is to talk to everyone on the phone to try and sell their service to each person. We have not talked to them personally so we can’t share any opinion on how high-pressure the sales team may or may not be. The Tatango website offers a lot of customer reviews and testimonials if you want to delve into those to see what kind of businesses are using their service.