SlickText Review

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In this SlickText Review we will take a look at the text message marketing products and services offered by SlickText.  Keep reading to learn more about the SlickText company, their mobile marketing platform, and details on their text message marketing plans and pricing.

Although SlickText is a fairly new text message marketing provider they appear to have all of the right things in place to become one of the leading providers in the market today.  The SlickText team is made up of educated professionals with experience in computer science, website design, product development, marketing, and customer service.  They have come together with the goal of designing one of the most user-friendly and affordable mobile marketing solutions, and in our experience they have met their goal so far.

SlickText  does an excellent job of explaining text message marketing in a way that any user, novice or expert, can understand.  Because mobile marketing is still fairly new, people and businesses do not completely understand how it works, or the value of opt-in marketing.  It is important for providers to help educate their customers, not only in how to use their product but also how to succeed using mobile marketing campaigns.  SlickText has advice and tips on how many different types of businesses, from retail to sports teams, can use text messaging.  They educate their users on how marketing strategies are changing and how they can use it to their benefit, by moving their focus from interruption marketing to permission based (or opt-in) marketing.

It is very obvious SlickText had their users in mind when creating their platform.  Their website provides clear and concise information on how the platform works, what your control panel will look like, what you can expect to experience while using their text messaging plans.   The SlickText dashboard has a very user-friendly navigational bar that quickly and easily guides you to pages that assist you in sending messages and managing your campaigns, textwords, contacts, your profile, and your text messaging plan.  Their control panel includes a number of helpful tools to assist their customers; including question mark icons with additional helpful information, easy to understand analytics of text marketing campaigns, and an easy-to-use message template for composing bulk text messages.

Choosing your SlickText plan is also a very simple process.  Once you choose your “textword”, or the word you feel will best represent your company, and the word your customers will use to opt-in to your text message marketing campaign, you can choose from 5 marketing plans.  All plans include more than 1 textword, when signing up you will choose a main textword and add the others once you sign up.  All of the SlickText message plans are pretty straightforward, they include:

The Basic – $29/month

  • 500 messages/month
  • 2 textword

The Lil Brother – $59/month

  • 1000 messages/month
  • 3 textwords

The Standard  – $79/month (The Best Value)

  • 1500 messages/month
  • 4 textwords

The Big Brother – $119/month

  • 2500 messages/month
  • 5 textwords

The Hero – $189/month

  • 4000 messages/month
  • 6 textwords

None of the SlickText text message marketing plans are subject to set-up or activation fees, you can always upgrade or downgrade at anytime, and there is never any cancellation penalties or fees.  All three of things are an extra added value especially if you are new to text marketing.  Without any experience or established customer database it is difficult to know how successful your campaign may be or how quickly it may grow, and therefore have no idea how many text messages you will be sending out that month.  You may also have months where you will be sending more texts than others, especially if your company is very seasonal like sports teams, ski shops, schools, special events etc…Having the ability to adjust your plan or cancel at anytime with no penalties is a huge benefit.

SlickText provides their customers with several different methods of customer support.  On their site you will find a Slick Text help center with guidance and tutorials of your entire control panel, there’s everything from setting up your auto-reply messages to managing your contacts, and everything in-between.  They also have an easy text message marketing tips page that offers guidance and tips specifically addressing nearly every type of business you can imagine from restaurants to radio stations.  The SlickText FAQ page offers answers to many common questions.  You may also contact them via their contact page via their message system, email, or their toll free telephone number; which by the way we did and they were very quick to respond and very helpful.

Overall we found SlickText to be very user-friendly, informative, helpful, easy to navigate and very affordable.