Protexting Review

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Protexting Review

Protexting is a web based text message marketing company that provides a platform to send group text messages.  This review of Protexting will cover some of the features and costs.

After a vast search online and of their website, there is limited information available on Protexting.  There is a brief about us page and and an address located on their “contact us” page along with a phone number and email address.

The Protexting website is limited in information in comparison with the sites of their competitors and with the exception of their site map, it is not easily navigated.  They do not give any clear advantage over any of their many competitors in the industry.  There are a few statistics given on the advantages of text message marketing (without sources) to help the decision to go with a mobile marketing campaign.

They offer nine different pricing structures ranging from 10 messages to 30000 messages a month.  Here are some of the packages that are offered:

  • Economy
    • 1400 messages per month
    • 2 keywords
    • $49 a month
  • Standard
    • 5000 messages per month
    • 8 keywords
    • $219 a month
  • Premium
    • 14000
    • 16 keywords
    • $599 a month

After looking around the website, they do have a support link at the top and bottom of the page which takes you to the “contact us” page.  There is a phone number, email address and you can fill out a form to send to them from this page.

In all, Protexting offers a service that is an obvious advantage to conventional marketing strategies such as:

  • direct mail
  • newspaper ads
  • email
  • tv/radio

The problem is that there are hundreds of companies that offer this very same service and there are no additional features to set Protexting aside from them.  They do offer their plans slightly below the average for the industry which should compensate for the issues that will seemingly arise.  The navigational delays impede the thought that their web based platform will perform any better and the difficulties finding a way to contact support could lead to more of just that, difficulties.  When weighing everything together it seems that they offer a more time consuming, hands on approach at a lower price.