BoomText Review

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This BoomText Review offers information on the BoomText SMS marketing provider and what text message services they offer.  Learn about BoomText, and how it might help your business with its text message marketing needs.

One of the up and coming business marketing tools is the text message. Text messages can be sent to any cell phone, sharing information about your business and helping you reach customers. Text message marketing is becoming increasingly popular because it offers a way for you to connect quickly and easily with customers — almost everyone has a cell phone these days. Text message marketing has a number of advantages:

  • Most people have cell phones, so you reach customers easily.
  • You can reach hundreds — or even thousands — of customers at once.
  • Users are notified of text messages, so your marketing message gets attention.
  • Your text message won’t get caught in a spam filter.
  • Text messages are customizable in terms of the message and in terms who you send the message to.

There are a number of companies that offer services to help you reach others through text message marketing. One of those services is BoomText.

Text Message Marketing with BoomText

When you use BoomText, you are able to send SMS marketing messages to people on your list. You can quickly send messages, since BoomText takes care of helping you organize your list into separate groups, and helps you figure send messages to specific contacts. You can also set it up for keywords. It’s a good service if you are trying to build a community of loyal followers. You can send them exclusive texts about special promotions and offers, as well as let them know about sales, and send discounts. This is a way to keep in touch — and encourage customers to visit your store for the specials advertised with your text messages.

BoomText offers the ability for you to set up messages so that users can text short codes to you to get the deals they want. Keywords are used to grab attention. Pricing is based on keyword: You get one keyword for $50 a month. You can do three for $75 and five for $100 (this is the best value). Each text you send is $0.025. So you can send around 1,000 text messages for $25 a month, plus the cost of your keywords. So, it would be $100 a month if you did three keywords and sent $1,000 text messages. BoomText offers a free trial (no credit needed) so that you can test it out before committing.

The user interface with BoomText is really basic, and can seem clunky and unfriendly at times. It is not as slick as some others might be. However, it is relatively easy to use once you get used to the interface, and it makes managing your different groups and contacts fairly easy. Overall, BoomText is a service that can be quite helpful to you if you are exploring your options related to SMS marketing. It is cost-effective, and it is flexible, so that you are able to help your business grow.