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Text Message Marketing service reviews. Find information on group text messaging companies.

TXT180 Review

TXT180 is an application provider for group SMS and text message marketing.  TXT180 appeals to all types of businesses for their marketing needs with the web based platform to send mass text message information to clients.  This article will review TXT180, their costs and features. TXT180, like most all companies

TextMarks Review

TextMarks is a text message marketing company that has been offering sms services since 2006. Read this TextMarks review to learn more about features, pricing, and customer support options.

Tatango Review

In this Tatango review we will take a look at the sms marketing services they have to offer. Tatango was founded in 2007 by Derek Johnson. In a note from the CEO, Derek says they have two things to offer customers, “…beautiful, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade SMS marketing software, and world-class support


SUMOTEXT Review The days of hanging flyers on doors or mailing business promotions to customers have long passed. The day of mobile text messaging for promoting your business is here, and its popularity is beginning to soar. The text messaging service we are going to review in this article is

SlickText Review

In this SlickText Review we will take a look at the text message marketing products and services offered by SlickText.  Keep reading to learn more about the SlickText company, their mobile marketing platform, and details on their text message marketing plans and pricing. Although SlickText is a fairly new text

Protexting Review

Protexting Review Protexting is a web based text message marketing company that provides a platform to send group text messages.  This review of Protexting will cover some of the features and costs. After a vast search online and of their website, there is limited information available on Protexting.  There is

Ez Texting Review

Ez Texting is an SMS service provider that provides text messaging packages to businesses and helps them market their company. Their service coverage includes the United States and Canada. With a name like “Ez Texting” you expect a company that will provide an SMS messaging service that is intuitive and

YepText Review

Text message marketing is a growing trend and is becoming more and more successful, which is why we are featuring this YepText review. Keep reading to learn from about SMS marketing from YepText review and how you can find out about mobile message marketing. Text message marketing is a new

BoomText Review

This BoomText Review offers information on the BoomText SMS marketing provider and what text message services they offer.  Learn about BoomText, and how it might help your business with its text message marketing needs. One of the up and coming business marketing tools is the text message. Text messages can

Trumpia Review

Trumpia is an SMS text messaging provider that runs off a web based platform.  This Trumpia Review article will review the features and costs involved with Trumpia. (**see bottom of review) Finding out company information on Trumpia was fruitless both on their website and via the World Wide Web.  There