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Telephone Consumer Protection Act – TCPA – and SMS Marketing

For those interested in learning more about SMS marketing, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to understand the role in plays in text message communication and using the voice and text for marketing purposes. Although the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was

How to Block SPAM Text Messages

Many mobile phone users might be wondering how to block SPAM text messages. Unfortunately now that text marketing has really taken off in popularity, some companies are finding illegal ways to continue to send messages to mobile phone users, also known as SPAM. Learning how to block SPAM text messages is

Unsubscribing SMS Databases

There are two faces of unsubscribing to SMS databases. From the subscribers’ side, the SMS database is not visible. From the provider’s side, however, the unsubscribing client must be removed from the database of contacts. This article explains more on how to unsubscribe from SMS Databases. Unsubscribing from the Subscriber’s

Pros and Cons of Opt-in SMS

The pros and cons of opt-in SMS text messages are few, yet important.  Keep reading to learn the advantages and disadvantages of opt-in SMS prior to opting into text message marketing programs. Find out how to get only the SMS messages you want when you use opt-in SMS. One of


In a day of increasing technology, there are many new types of communication like text messaging and text marketing that includes SMS, SMTP and SMPP. Each of these various types of text message services have different definitions.  To understand the difference and how each messaging type works, one must know

SMS Security

One of the advantages of the ability to send short message service (SMS) texts using your cell phone is how easy it is to stay in touch with others. It is easy to be connected when one uses SMS messaging. Additionally, it is possible to receive updates from favorite retailers

Avoiding SMS Marketing Scams

Subscribers can be rooked by marketing scams communicated through SMS (short message service) messages, but businesses can also be tricked by unscrupulous companies offering SMS services. Read this article for more on avoiding SMS marketing scams of all types. Subscribers and Avoiding SMS Marketing Scams Since the early days of SMS,

How to Find SMS Deals

SMS text messaging is a booming industry, which has resulted in a proliferation of good deals, and not-so-good deals, for sending SMS text messages. Numerous SMS service providers offer deals to draw in customers and make their SMS text messaging service stand out. Individuals or groups considering using SMS text