Mobile Coupons


Mobile coupons are a great way to use SMS text marketing to promote your business, bring in new customers and keep those customers coming back for great deals with your business. Mobile coupons are a great tool for any kind of business including online and store front operations.

Many business owners are always looking for new ways to market their business whether they have an online business, a store front business or both. Marketing with radio ads, commercials, billboards, newspaper ads, etc. can get pretty expensive and may not be the most effective form of marketing. This is why many businesses are turning to the web to get their business name out there. However, some businesses are even taking this new technological form of marketing a step further to reach to text marketing. There are text marketing  companies popping up all over the Internet and offer text marketing services to businesses of all sizes and types. Through text marketing, businesses can easily send out mass mobile coupons to customers and potential customers to help bring in business.

How Text Marketing and Mobile Coupons Work:

When companies first sign up with a text marketing company, they can set up a keyword to use in their text marketing efforts. By collecting contacts through an opt-in basis, you can then send out a mass text message with the mobile coupons and information about the business, up to 140 characters. This is a great way to send out mobile coupons each day, week or month depending on your preference. Also depending on how many contacts you plan to send out these mobile coupons and other mobile marketing campaigns, you will choose the size of your text marketing plan accordingly.

Once your list of contacts has opted in to receive these messages, you can regularly send them mobile coupons, discount offers, promotional information and more through your text message marketing plan. In order to continue to add to your customer list, you can inform customers and potential customers about signing up to receive these mobile coupons. They can even sign up on your website or if they visit your store front property. Let your customers know how regularly you will be sending out these mobile coupons so they can get the best deals on your products and services.

The Benefits of Mobile Coupons:

Right now in this economy, just about every business is looking for great ways to save money marketing. It is a tried and true marketing strategy to offer customer discount and deals on products and services. With mobile coupons and the savings business men and women get from text marketing, this is a great way to send out mobile coupons and reap the rewards of not paying an arm and a leg for an effective marketing strategy. This is also an effective way to support your customers by showing your appreciation for their continued business to your store or online enterprise. Traditional forms of advertising are becoming less and less effective. Many consumers are becoming desensitized to typical marketing like newspaper and magazine ads as well as radio and TV commercial advertisements. In addition to those methods being more expensive than a monthly fee to a text marketing company, they also do not allow you the flexibility that comes with sending out mobile coupons via text message. Just about everyone has a cell phone these days and rely on text messaging as an effective and reliable form of communication. This means your customers are checking their text messages regularly and will enjoy getting mobile coupons from you to save money when they shop with your business either online or in person.

When you are choosing a text message marketing company, be sure to check pricing as some companies do charge more than others for the same service. This is a great way to actually save money when it comes to marketing your business. The best part about SMS message marketing is that just about any business can benefit from sending out mobile coupons as way to save customers money on their products and services, but also get more customers to come in and make a purchase, which is great for the business and overall profits. The customer base has also been known to grow through the SMS marketing efforts as well. Be sure to shop around for the best online marketing companies to decide which company will work best for your company.